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Hanging Clothes Out Could be Better Than Clothes Dryer

times   2017-05-05

Whether in the city or the countryside,people are used to hanging their clothes out,let the sunlight dry them.As for the clothes dryer,it's accept by the minority.From the effects of perspective,the dryer is better them the sunlight.And if you want to hang your colthes out,you might pay attention to the weather.Rain and wet day is a big trouble.



Although the dryer has several advantages,people still like the hanging way.Becuase the clothes dryer is a big machine,and it cost a lot money and electricity.After using the clothes dryer,the clothes might have wrinkles,you must smooth them with an iron.It's so troublesome.But you dry the clothes by sunlight,everything become easy.You just need some plastic clothespins.


Actually,the sunlight can destroy bacteria on the clothes.And the clothes after dring,not only the soft, no odor, and sleep up more comfortable, can improve the quality of sleep.