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Plastic product knowledge

times   2017-05-12

To become a professional salesman, to master the knowledge of products is very necessary. When the customer inquired product process and details when you can answer fluently. Second, they should play a subjective initiative, and actively explore.


Below describes the basic knowledge of plastic products:

1, into the gel point: plastic raw material from the mold runner system into gum product position, into the gel point is runner system into products and cut the flow to leave traces of the region.

2, close to the mold line: compression molding will be in the place where the interface.

3, plastic mould according to the production process and production of different products can be divided into:

A. injection molding - (most commonly used)

B. beverage bottle blowing mold -

C. compression molding bakelite switch -

D. transfer molding - integrated circuit products

E. extrusion molding mold - glue tube, plastic bags

F. hot forming die - a transparent packaging shell